Sales & Service

 - We offer fluid caliper service to anywhere 24 hours a day including major holidays. 

 - Regardless if you are in a neighboring state or across the globe we can be on location when you need us.  Contact us today and arrangements can be easily made.

- For Sales, contact Del at 432-349-8154

Quick Dispatch

 4 hours notice is recommended for service in the Permian Basin and SE NM.  

 - We understand that things happen unexpectedly and you need service NOW! In most cases, we can be on location within 2-3 hours without notice, depending on actual mileage.


Full-Time Employees

- We do not hire contractors. Our employees are safety and technically trained to deliver the expertise you deserve.  They are covered by our insurance policies.  Rest assured that you are hiring safe and protected technicians.  

- We consider our employees to be a valuable asset. We hire them full time and take the responsibility to pay them for their hard work. In doing so, the operator does not risk liens being placed on wells due to a contractor not being paid.

- Accuracy and Quality is maintained. 


Safety and Training – All technicians are subject to our HSE programs and use company tools and trucks.  They must pass a safety and technical competency test before working alone. 


• Zero Fatalities / Incidents / Claims

• FRC Compliant

• ISNetworld Member since 2009